Based on a scholarly study by the University of Michigan and the University of Washington.

For all those riding a bus that was fitted with a diesel oxidation catalyst, there was a 6 % reduction in the risk of absenteeism. Using these and additional measurements, the researchers could actually extrapolate a 14 million day reduction in absenteeism for the nation's bus-riding children if all vehicles were altered to lessen emissions. ‘Our research also suggests that children riding buses with cleaner fuels and technology may experience better lung development as compared to those riding dirtier buses,’ Adar said. ‘That is consistent with recent results from the Children's Health Research in California, which reported better quality lung development in kids with improvements in outdoor air quality.’..Pericardial liquid is certainly plasma ultrafiltered from the serous vessel surrounding the heart, a watertight compartment separated from bloodstream. Blood analysis usually presents a issue: matrix interferences, such as for example red cells, proteins, fat, etc., which complicate this technique. The work, supervised by professor Hern’ndez, has permitted to determine that the pericardial fluid can be an alternative to test blood to be able to carry out drug lab tests for forensic purposes, since it offers more than enough guarantees and presents an identical concentration of narcotic chemicals. Among the advantages highlighted by the professor of the UGR is usually that this test is simpler than blood test since it shows less interference and will take additional time to decompose after the death of the person, which makes it possible to determine if the presence of drugs is connected with the death.

Sighs of rest from the whole editorial community were heard this weekend, carrying out a ruling denying Pfizer accces to confidential peer-review docs from the NEJM.