A thymus transplantation an effective but complicated procedure.

A thymus transplantation an effective but complicated procedure, transmitting the thymus of another infant heart surgery, culturing and then surgically implanted in the patient is included. It will then grow to several months for the thymus and allow the patient functioning immune system functioning immune system.

The syndrome the researchers found that the survival of bone marrow transplantation more than 75 %, was similar thymic transplantation. ‘We think that showing this long-term follow-up study found that bone marrow transplant is a good procedure – and more readily available than thymic transplantation – for complete DiGeorge syndrome,’said co-author Dr. Richard Stiehm, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Immunology, allergy and Rheumatology, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. ‘This also shows that the thymus may not be necessary for immune development after birth, or that other tissues, such as skin, may serve as an equivalent thymus.’.. Continue reading